How many shirts do you need to make a quilt?

Each quilt is custom designed based on the T-shirts provided for the quilt. A rough estimate of the number of T-shirts provided and the size of the quilt is on the chart provided on the Prices page. If you have shirts with large print areas, they will make a larger quilt with less shirts and vice-versa.

How much does an In Stitches Memory quilt cost?

The cost is the length in inches plus the width in inches times 2.75. A Lap Quilt of 48in x 48in would be $264. View the pricing chart for some examples. There is an additional cost of $6 per square for unusual items that need more preparation to be included in the quilt. A quilt made from baby clothes uses a multiplier of 4.0 rather than 2.75. (See next question for more information).

Can you only use T-shirts?

No, I can also use sweatshirts, polo shirts, printed area on shorts or sweatpants, and other items that are special to you. If you have something unique you would like to include, just contact me. I will let you know if I can include it. There is an additional charge of $6 per square for unusual items that need extra preparation to be included in the quilt. Keep in mind the washability of the items to include.

What size T-shirts can I use for the quilt? Do they all need to have the same size print area?

Any size T-shirts and any size print areas can be used for the quilt. Varying size T-shirts give the quilt more interest and a more random look.

 How long will it take to complete the quilt?

The turnaround time will vary based on how many quilts I am working on at any given time. A general rule of thumb would be 8 to 12 weeks. It may be shorter or longer depending on the work flow. If you have a deadline in mind, contact me. I will let you know if I can get it done in time for you.

How are the quilts put together?

The quilts are layered with the T-shirt quilt top, then the quilt batting in the middle, then the backing fabric.  The quilt “sandwich” is then quilted with a long arm quilting machine.  The quilts are not tied but actually quilted for a professional finished look.

How are the quilts finished?

The quilts are finished with binding around the edges. The color of the binding and backing are chosen by you. I use 100% cotton quality quilting fabric for the backing and binding on your quilt to ensure a soft cuddly quilt.

Can you make quilts from baby clothes?

Yes, I can make a quilt from baby clothes. When considering the quilt size, keep in mind that baby clothes are generally smaller and usually result in a smaller quilt from the same number of pieces of clothes.

What makes In Stitches Memory Quilts different from others?

Several things:

First, different sizes of shirts can be used for the quilt. You do not have to try to fit into a standard 12 inch or 15 inch square.

Second, the quilt top is made completely from your T-shirts, no other fabric is added.

Third, no interfacing is used to make your quilt which means your finished quilt will be soft and cuddly, not stiff.

Fourth, great care is taken with the design and layout of your quilt resulting in a fun, random appearance.